Hangover Cure

You know how people get together and decide to go parasailing on a beach vacation? It’s one of the main excursions to go on once they’ve reached their destination. It’s so much fun! I’d want to go along too. Now that you have that in your brain, think about doing that over land instead of ocean. It’s called paragliding, and it’s the most freeing feeling in the world mostly because you’re up so high. It’s quiet, and it feels like you’re floating in the air. It has every similarity to parasailing except you are over land. Aspen Paragliding made me feel so safe and so alive
at the same time. In parasailing, you sort of take off from the ocean, sitting down. In paragliding, you run a short ways down a slope to lift off. There is no rope (except for the rope connected to the sail). In many ways, this may have been more daring than parasailing because you’re hanging free and in the open. I felt like I could conquer anything after the experience, including the hangover from the night before! If you need a cure, I’m telling you, paragliding will wake your head up! My sister and I went at 8 AM! Who does that? It was probably the best decision we could have made for that time because of how refreshing and new everything felt from the air and the sky. It’s hard to put into words the feeling. Probably the scariest part of all (well, one of the scariest) was when I had to sign the waiver! It’s always nerve wracking because you feel like you’re signing away your life! Exaggeration though it may be, you technically are. At least it’s my choice! The ironic thing is, I watched an episode of paragliding the day after experiencing it. Hearing other’s experiences let me know I wasn’t alone in the “awesomeness” of it all. I posted about it on my Instagram, and you should definitely check it out! Don’t miss all the stories and videos I post of my adventures. @checkoutamanda

Rewind to the night before. Dance party at 7908 (Aspen’s finest supper club). Me and my gal pals went for a girl’s night in white. I love themes. What better way to celebrate the last day of wearing white on Labor Day weekend than have a White Party! It should be illegal to have as much fun as we did. By the way, have I brought up this club with you? Even if I have, it’s fine. You need to hear it twice. It’s A-MAZE-ING. Literally, the website for 7908 will speak for
itself. Who tailors their restaurant to the eyes and ears of its consumers like this one does? It is high class, drinks of pleasure. It’s a place of the utmost acceptance, and they advertise pretty well.  Needless to say, the evening shifted to a very late one, and it turned into a hangover the following morning. So, who paraglides the morning after a night of partying? We do! With my sister, Hanna, in town, anything can happen.

#1 Healthy Diet?

I know you’ve heard me talk about Sun Basket before. If you’re interested, check out a gift card I’m giving away under my bio on Instagram @checkoutamanda. $40 off! I cannot tell you how healthy they have made me feel. The Mediterranean way is a fun, colorful way to eat. It doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many different diets out there. If you’re looking for something (1) healthy, (2) different than the norm, or (3) colorful, try the Mediterranean diet! Even if you’re not aiming to go on a diet, try it to clean out your system. It will make you feel so much better than you think it will. When thinking about which diet to begin, here are some key factors: You should have dairy, fruit, veggies, and olive oil daily. Fish, poultry, eggs, potatoes, nuts, and sweets should be rationed weekly, and red meat monthly. It is recommended to have four servings of those, so this could be weekly as well. I’ve included some of my favorite recipes below.

1. Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Charred Broccoli

  • 7 ounces new potatoes
  • ½ pound broccoli
  • Fish options: 2 wild Alaskan skin-on salmon fillets (about 5 ounces each), 2 wild Alaskan skinless halibut fillets (about 5 ounces each)
  • 1 lemon
  • 5 or 6 sprigs fresh mint
  • Sun Basket sherry vinaigrette base (sherry vinegar – whole grain mustard)
  • ¼ cup roasted red peppers
  • 2 ounces mixed greens
  • ¼ cup Greek yogurt

More details: https://sunbasket.com/recipe/salmon-with-charred-broccoli-and-roasted-new-potatoes  Roast the potatoes and broccoli*Prep & cook fish*Make the lemon-mint sauce*make sherry vinaigrette*assemble salad

2. Lemon Zested Scallops with Zucchini noodles and wilted greens.

  • Lemon zest sprinkled onto about 8 scallops. Cook 2 min. on each side.
  • Stripped Zucchini
  • Tomato
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Olives
  • Oregano
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Zucchini ribbons and kale cooked together in a skillet.

I posted this on my story and obtained ingredients from Sun Basket.


Sprinkle lemon zest over scallops*Cook scallops on a skillet-2 min. on each side*cook Zucchini ribbons and kale cooked together in a skillet* Add artichoke, olives, oregano, olive oil, and salt & pepper together and serve under scallops.

The Mediterranean Diet is proved to be the number one healthy diet in the US according to U.S. News and World Report. I wouldn’t doubt it. I love the Paleo, Vegan, and Vegetarian diets too, but I had to brag on this one because of my amazing meal last night. Maybe I’ll brag on some others in the future. You know another thing I like about these recipes through Sun Basket? They are so easy. I can cook these with no problem or doubt in my mind. They have given me another hobby to truly enjoy! I like to call myself a chef in my home. Cooking was never made easier.

Don’t mistake that physical exercise is just as important! Note, that I post that as well. Just today, I took three Yoga classes! I also hike and stay active with other activities. Pick activities or exercises that you enjoy doing. This can motivate you to stay active and keep the shape you want! You can’t have one without the other. It sound like common sense, but many people may only focus on one or the other. To obtain that figure and be healthy on the inside, you really need to have your goal aimed at both of these things.

Armistar Casino and Resort Spa

Surprises, surprises. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? My boyfriend just got his wisdom teeth pulled out, and I wanted to surprise him with a trip. I decided to book a trip to Armistar Casino and Resort Spa in Black Hawk. His reaction? Well, let’s just say both he and I really enjoyed our stay! The rooms are modern and classy, but still give you the Colorado feel. The views are amazing of course. You’re in Colorado! There are mountains everywhere. We literally live in a vacation
every single day. It’s hard to want to travel when you have a dream as your own backyard.

Their casino includes Slots, Table Games, and a Poker room. THIS is an awesome place to get started. Who loves to make more money and enjoy all of the amenities when you’re on vacation?! There are over 1,250 games when you make your way to the slot and video poker area. We may have tried out a few. If you have a penny, you’re in luck because they actually let you use pennies to gamble. Of course, if you have more, go for it!

Bar 8042 is pretty popular here. Best feature, in my opinion? They have a roaring fireplace. Gosh, I love Colorado. How many places have this or frankly need it? It makes it for a cozy, boozy evening. There’s some free entertainment there as well.

Fireside dining. I’m dying. Love fires. Love food. Love my life. They have anything from steak, to salads, to seafood, to a burger. There isn’t too much on the menu to keep you from making up your mind either. Sometimes, there’s so much available, and then I can’t make up my mind! In the evenings (if you’re not getting room service), I’d love to eat next to the fire. Another restaurant I love is Timberline Grill. Same kind of menu with a lot more choices food-wise. If you’ve never made a trip here, you’ve just got to. Can you believe they have a Starbucks? I can! Black Hawk didn’t disappoint us. Let me highlight Club 38 for a minute. You get the ultimate treatment here. It’s for members with mychoice. Highly recommend it.

As icing on the cake, how about a spa day? Aaaaahh…I can feel it now. They have separate men’s/women’s rooms for steaming, saunas, and spas. OR you can get a couple’s massage. Bring. It. On. I wish I could go back. I keep reminding myself that we will! On the flip side, they do have a fitness area for all you “can’t stop, won’t stop-pers.” I may be one of those.

I’ve never been to Ameristar’s in other cities, although I’ve heard there are more. This one has the perfect amenities, dining, and casino. It completely helps that the resort is in Black Hawk. I’m an advocate for hiking, but I’m also an advocate for relaxing. This trip was definite relaxation. Word of advice, in case you’re asking, I would book for this ahead of time because availability is scarce here! It’s
that wonderful.

Upwardly Social

Upwardly Social is something you and everyone can utilize. Of course, I highly encourage using it to your advantage. I am the CEO of this social media market and love what I do. As an entrepreneur, there are challenges, but I wouldn’t choose to do anything else. We help people in a different way, but needed all the same. If you’ve never heard of the this before, don’t feel bad. Let me share with you some awesome points of what this business is all about. Not only do we offer digital strategy and social media marketing, but digital ROI valuation, influencer marketing and content creation. Listen to this video made years ago, yet still holds true.

Couldn’t have said it better, “This is solely to help determine strategic, quantifiable goals that will help dictate the effectiveness and efficiency of digital initiatives in regard to individual clients.  Our initiative is to ensure the individual client has the wherewithal to effectively communicate brand awareness through the necessary social media channels.” We analyze a client’s future technology, marketing, branding and creative needs to determine strategic and quantifiable goals. In other words, we do a lot of the things for a lot of people and we want to share it with you. There ain’t shame in my game! We wear it and we’re proud of it.

When you need help with marketing strategies on your social media website, let us help! We have a list of things to help step up the notch on your Facebook or another one social media website. We give you insights, a timeline, how to engage, what to do about fans, visual content, ads, monetization, and a live video. Doing live videos will keep you connected to the outside world for sure. If you’re not sure if we are up to date or not, we are and we are here for you!

If you follow us at @upwardlysocial, we’ll give you tips and tricks along the way or as you post from site to site. Upwardly Social keeps you updated through text and email if you ever need to stay up to par on technology. If anything, get it just for that. It can come in handy. Things are changing yearly and really weekly, it seems. With any new app or new celebrity comes a new trend or new hype. We are really all the time so you can be ready at anytime.

Take a look at some of these influencers. From James Franco to Justin Simmons, there are many people apart of this ride. It grows daily, and you don’t want to miss anything important! We have a Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Search us and research us while you’re at it! Let us know how we can help. I started this as a way to help people and I intend to keep doing that through this outlet.

Hiking Dogs

I’m going to share about one of my obvious loves…hiking. I’ve talked with you about the Ute Trail, but have I told you how much I love the Aspen trails? If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll see my recent post about my hiking path August 19th. I can’t tell you how much joy has been brought to my life from hiking and strolling around Aspen with my dog, Chanel. There’s a hiking trail log that people can write in publicly to track their hikes. I absolutely love filling this out. It makes me feel like a boss. You can run or hike these trails. They are by the town, yet you feel like you are deep in the forest. You can be hiking for a full day, or you can hike for parts of the day. Whichever you pick, be intentional about it and be safe! I’ve learned to love the sport of hiking when the snow is melted away. With it melted away, trails are revealed on the hiking map. They are ready and waiting to be conquered. Even though Aspen is known as the main key resort for skiing, I’m going to make it a main key resort for hiking. Summer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to get over and log in your hours on the trail log Aspen offers. 10hikes.com is probably the best way to see the different trails and how they are rated based on others’ opinions. It gives you the name of a trail, the difficulty level, elevation, distance, and time length. You’ll learn your own soon enough. Remember to be safe! I always take my dog or someone else with you. It’s always good to have a buddy to watch your back. There’s something about climbing a crisp mountain with your favorite dog by your side. Breath in the clean mountain air, feel the terrain beneath your feet, taste determination as you hike upwards.

I’ve referenced before that I’m wearing Smartone. This is one of my favs. You can’t go wrong with ordering off of Smartone. As women, this is important! Have you ever heard of the phrase, you feel the way you dress? It is so true. How you dress can tell your mind how to act. If you have the right workout gear, you can be your best on the exercise field. Don’t be afraid to branch out!

Dogs are life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be walking somewhere, see a cute dog, and just have to stop and ask about him or her! This shouldn’t be a surprise to some of my awesome fans and followers. When I was in Washington D.C., there were dogs everywhere. I really can’t tell you how often I stopped to say hi or ask to pet someone else’s dog. Who else out there is as obsessed with them as I am? Chanel is special to me; my close companion, and pretty much my child. It’s true what they say. Children and dogs share the same sentiment. Don’t they though?

Sun Basket

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I’m a food lover. Sometimes, it’s hard to find healthy meals for vegetarians/vegans. Most places will have that option these days, but ever so often, you come across places that forget about non-meat eaters. Eating clean takes discipline and it helps to not only have this mindset when you grocery shop, but also for it you use a delivery service.

It’s important to exercise. I’m a hiker, a skier, and a cooker (and…Rose!). Three of my favorite things! It doesn’t just take good exercise, however. It takes clean, good eating. Cooking keeps me sane. I love it because I know exactly what’s going into my body. At restaurants, do we really know what’s in the salad? Or the seasoning used on different foods? You can ask the waiter or ask the chef, but it’s not you cooking! YOU get to decide what goes into your body when you cook. YOU pick how you want to enjoy your day (or not). Foods can lift you and foods can deplete you. It’s your decision. I have decided the path I want to take with food. Now, does that mean I’ll drop a pizza? Don’t worry, I can’t! I think the key is just not overindulging. Above are a few pictures from my feed of different things I’ve made.

Notice a common theme? Besides that these are vegetarian or vegan? There are lots of greens. If you want to dive into clean eating, follow me and save the fresh ideas! There’s a secret to the madness. Sun Basket. The 20-minute meals are LIFESAVERS. They have different options for any type of eater. I personally love tasting and savoring the healthiness in each bite. My meals have been nothing short of excellent. The packaging is pristine, and it really is easier than you might think. When they say 20 minutes, they mean 20 minutes. Some of their menu categories of food consists of Lean and Clean, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Diabetes-Friendly, Quick and Easy, Mediterranean , Gluten-Free, and others. This is the first delivery service I’ve seen to offer so many different eating styles and types. Organic is my heart song. A fan favorite has to be the first one you see above. The Warm Bean and Summer Squash Salad with Couscous is what I get asked about quite a few times.

Let me clear my throat for this one. The pricing. Don’t fret about the pricing because it’s totally doable. It’s $11.99 a serving on average. If it helps, try comparing it to other delivery services like Hello Fresh, Plated, Blue Apron, or Home Chef. Services like these average a bit higher and don’t have the kind of fine dine + healthy selection Sun Basket offers. I give you a $40 gift card to Sun Basket through my Instagram account if you’re interested! If you’re unsure about it, I say try it. You can’t go wrong with a gift card. If you end up liking it, well then, you’re welcome! It’s rated number one of the top ten services out there. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Sun Basket is number one. I get so excited about my delivery and always can’t wait to put it on display before cracking in! The most recent delivery I obtained was: Salmon Salad, White Bean Flatbread, Mushroom Stroganoff, Lamb Lettuce Cups. I typically order 4 meals a week. Do I dare say…I feel like a health bomb after making (or rather putting together) these fabulous and delicious meals.

Golfing the Aspen

Aspen Golf Club makes me smile, especially with friends and drinks! Who’s with me? It makes it all the more better. All silliness aside, I really love do love the game. It’s the whole thing: mountains, atmosphere, the air, the sound of hitting the golf ball in the right direction. Sometimes, you just know when that ball was hit right. I can tell right away if I didn’t hit it the right way. Golf can bring the best and worst out of person. I’d say, my best is what golfing does for me. Guys and gals, when you have your friends with you and people delivering drinks to you on the golf course, how can your day be so bad? Just the other day, we had cocktails delivered right to us while we played. I love my golf course.

There are so many areas to practice! They have facilities like: Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Greens, and Practice Bunkers. Right now, is their peak season. You can look it up on their website as well as their rates. It’s beautiful and worth it. Becoming a member would be worth it considering all of the amenities and benefits offered.

You know what else is pretty awesome, that Aspen Golf Club can claim? They have obtained the award of the Audobon Cooperative Sanctuary. It’s definitely something to be proud of. In case you have no clue, it would mean the course would have to be certified in the following areas: Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Integrated Pest Management, and Water Quality and Water Conservation. Being somewhat of a health nut, this makes my heart happy. I always love to hear about the cleanliness of society and the good of the world. I just went to the golf course today and had a blast with my friend Julianne. Of course, we may have had a drink of two. Do we still say YOLO these days?

On another note, the golf course opportunities to participate in the women’s league, men’s league, junior golf, and a golf academy. Here’s some more interesting info! The scenery=beautiful. Have I mentioned that already? I can see Aspen Mountain from where I golf. You know, the mountain I hike up all the time. Follow me @checkoutamanda on Instagram to keep up! It’s in the middle of the Rockies and Roaring Folk Valley. If you have no clue where that is, you seriously need to come see it yourself. I love how it challenges me every time I play the 18-hole course. If you’re in the area and want to join in the fun, join the Women’s League. There is an annual admission, but you develop a camaraderie with the other women there. They become more than just acquaintances. What are your goals as we begin to enter fall? It may still feel like summer, but get ready, because Autumn is fast approaching. Make one of your goals to join the Women’s League and be apart of the Aspen Golf Club. Be social and get out with us! Here is their calendar attached in case you’re interested. Can you tell I’m really into this niche? There’s really so much more than just what I’ve said on this post. Follow me for updates in the future!

If the pictures don’t do it justice enough, come and see it for yourself! You won’t regret playing on this golf course.

Hiking the Rio Grande (with tips!)

Today, we walked the Rio Grande Trail. Did you know that Colorado isn’t just all about snow? Please don’t misunderstand me. I absolutely love to ski, the snow=beauty! There is more to this beautiful state than just renting a place to ski in the wintertime. If you follow me on social media, you should know I love to hike. Whenever I can with Chanel, I love to walk, sweat it out, and…views! Can I just say that the view from Aspen Mountain is amazing? I had to stop and take a picture. It was just too incredible to pass up. The crazy thing is, I feel like I should every time I hike. How many people get to experience that where they live? The weather is beautiful, and the land and the skies are endless. At the end of the day, who wants to be bored when they work out? Not this one! Hiking is my fav. As long as I have Chanel with me and don’t mind the sweat, I encourage it. It is definitely a workout. If you keep watching my Instagram stories, it shouldn’t be a surprise that hiking (and maybe food) are perpetually taking over my life!

The Rio Grande Trail is 42 miles of continuous ground near Glenwood Springs, CO. I love being able to log what I’ve hiked. Having it recorded gives me a sense of accomplishment and responsibility because I’m the one who has to do it. According to many reviews, the Rio Grande Trail is rich with minerals and material that make it relatively easy to come down off of the trail and travel up the trail. I will say that the best way for me to travel up and down the mountain is by boot. I feel closer with the land doing so. I also want to add that I appreciate part of the trail being paved AND I’m loving that I don’t have to watch out of motorized vehicles. Yikes!

Let’s talk about etiquette for a minute. You may be asking why that matters. Etiquette is alive and well. You have etiquette in a neighborhood, you have etiquette as a guest somewhere, you have etiquette at the beach, and you have etiquette in public. Having etiquette gives off a positive vibe. Don’t shake that off. Keep it going, because positivity rubs off! I’ve learned living here, the right way! Here are a few:

  • Cyclists should be letting you know with noise when they are passing (This may have been learned the hard way).
  • Pick up your trash (Wouldn’t this be common sense?)
  • No motorized vehicles (Keep the peace!)
  • Pick up your pet’s waste! (This is one of the biggest pet peeves I have!)
  • Respect private property – stay on the trail at all times
  • All dogs must be on a leash (Let’s be honest here…)
  • Everyone must yield to equestrians (This makes me want to ride one on a trail!)
  • Camping, fires and hunting are definitely not allowed
  • The making of excessive or obnoxious noises isn’t allowed.

How many of us agree that some of these are common sense rules? The one I probably don’t follow very well is to keep Chanel on a leash. She’s just so good! Even so, just to know these may at least help some people!

Roaring Fork Club

Summer calls for fun activities with great company. Although summer can be busy, it’s always important to find time to spend it with the ones you love. This summer I’ve had to chance to relax at the fabulous Roaring Fork Club.

The club is located in Basalt, which is only 20 minutes from Aspen. They offered everything I could ask for – from the relaxing spa to the outdoor activities, this place was nothing short from perfect. There are many classes to pick from if sports are your thing, such as tennis, hiking and biking. Personally, I enjoyed the spa and the fitness classes they had to offer.

For those looking to be healthy, the club has personal training classes offered by qualified trainers. This is perfect for anyone looking to improve their health or just to get out of the dreaded routine that a lot of people get stuck on.

If that wasn’t enough, the food here was to die for! The Lodge Restaurant offers fine dining that uses organic ingredients when preparing these plates. It makes it easy to not be super unhealthy while vacationing. There’s nothing worse than gaining unwanted weight during the summer. They offer a variety of healthy snacks and drinks.

Summer is meant to be spent relaxing with loved ones – this place offers just that and then some. If you’re looking to check the club out, they offer a variety of memberships. Being surrounded by a lake is one of the best ways to spend summer!