Armistar Casino and Resort Spa

Surprises, surprises. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? My boyfriend just got his wisdom teeth pulled out, and I wanted to surprise him with a trip. I decided to book a trip to Armistar Casino and Resort Spa in Black Hawk. His reaction? Well, let’s just say both he and I really enjoyed our stay! The rooms are modern and classy, but still give you the Colorado feel. The views are amazing of course. You’re in Colorado! There are mountains everywhere. We literally live in a vacation
every single day. It’s hard to want to travel when you have a dream as your own backyard.

Their casino includes Slots, Table Games, and a Poker room. THIS is an awesome place to get started. Who loves to make more money and enjoy all of the amenities when you’re on vacation?! There are over 1,250 games when you make your way to the slot and video poker area. We may have tried out a few. If you have a penny, you’re in luck because they actually let you use pennies to gamble. Of course, if you have more, go for it!

Bar 8042 is pretty popular here. Best feature, in my opinion? They have a roaring fireplace. Gosh, I love Colorado. How many places have this or frankly need it? It makes it for a cozy, boozy evening. There’s some free entertainment there as well.

Fireside dining. I’m dying. Love fires. Love food. Love my life. They have anything from steak, to salads, to seafood, to a burger. There isn’t too much on the menu to keep you from making up your mind either. Sometimes, there’s so much available, and then I can’t make up my mind! In the evenings (if you’re not getting room service), I’d love to eat next to the fire. Another restaurant I love is Timberline Grill. Same kind of menu with a lot more choices food-wise. If you’ve never made a trip here, you’ve just got to. Can you believe they have a Starbucks? I can! Black Hawk didn’t disappoint us. Let me highlight Club 38 for a minute. You get the ultimate treatment here. It’s for members with mychoice. Highly recommend it.

As icing on the cake, how about a spa day? Aaaaahh…I can feel it now. They have separate men’s/women’s rooms for steaming, saunas, and spas. OR you can get a couple’s massage. Bring. It. On. I wish I could go back. I keep reminding myself that we will! On the flip side, they do have a fitness area for all you “can’t stop, won’t stop-pers.” I may be one of those.

I’ve never been to Ameristar’s in other cities, although I’ve heard there are more. This one has the perfect amenities, dining, and casino. It completely helps that the resort is in Black Hawk. I’m an advocate for hiking, but I’m also an advocate for relaxing. This trip was definite relaxation. Word of advice, in case you’re asking, I would book for this ahead of time because availability is scarce here! It’s
that wonderful.

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