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My Top 5 Luxurious Golf Resorts

With all of the different “bests” written about, I wanted to share some of the best golf courses out there that have the BEST comfort stations!  There are all kinds of ratings about how well and challenging the courses actually are, but how often are they rated on their extras? Let’s get started… 1. Kohanaiki […]

Here Lately

My adventures this past week include one of my favorite pastimes with some of my favorite people. Such a relaxing, concentrated sport…the sport of golf. I’m here to rate just two of the many great golf courses I’ve been to. California has so much to offer in all its magnificence, and I love to talk […]

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Aspen Summer Nights

Alprazolam Cheap Need I keep going? Some nightlife in Aspen, CO is what I plan to share with you today. Every now and then (or every weekend), give yourself some girl time. Whether you’re married, partnered, complicated, or single, give yourself a break! If you’re from the Aspen area, or maybe you’re new and aren’t sure where […]

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