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Hilton Head Island

South Carolina is difficult to leave. I know we all need to get back to reality, but can I just dwell in my dreams for a while longer? I love letting my worries fall to the wayside. That, and JR has truly treated me here. Since we just can’t get enough of it, I thought […]

Visit to Charleston

JR and I made a visit to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston isn’t a place I like. I very much adore it. I love the historic, upper class feel of the town. I always feel a sense of relief here. It’s quiet and resilient to much of the world. Somehow, through the years, it has reserved […]

New York, New York!

JR and I flew to New York on a private jet recently thanks to Dan MacDonald and Gregg Kaminsky! We had a fabulous time and I’m not ashamed to share with you all of the “touristy” things we accomplished. We were only there for three days, but we certainly jammed everything we could into our […]

Eat Cleaner!

There are many things important to me in this life we are given. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that health is something I hold close. With only one life, you need to take care of your body. How many times have you heard that? But it’s true! Please don’t think I’m […]


JR and I visited Telluride, CO last week! I love doing life with him. It was so windy up there on the mountain. There aren’t any lift lines, hiking it was! I just love mini vacays (and a little bit of Rosé if you please). When you look at the beautiful blue mountains of Telluride, […]

Wine Chips

No surprise here, I love my wine. My surprise is in the title everyone! Allow me to introduce my newest investment, Wine Chips. Let me share a little about what I’ve been getting my taste buds into. After a lot of research on pairing wine with cheese (chips), Wine Chips is open for business, and […]

The Traveling Type

Happy week! Wish I could say happy weekend to some of you, but every day is feeling pretty awesome these days. I like to think of myself as a traveller. I’m a go-getter. After my trip to LA, my boyfriend and I decided to take a vacation in the South. Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South […]

Find Your Center

Yoga at it’s finest. I have many hobbies and a many places and things I love to do. Yoga would have to be the most calming thing and self-medicating activity I’ve ever done. Even if you aren’t a regular yoga person, you can’t tell me it isn’t calming. Did you know that yoga originated in […]

Armistar Casino and Resort Spa

Surprises, surprises. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? My boyfriend just got his wisdom teeth pulled out, and I wanted to surprise him with a trip. I decided to book a trip to Armistar Casino and Resort Spa in Black Hawk. His reaction? Well, let’s just say both he and I really enjoyed our stay! […]