Bahama Mama

Yes, we made it. Yes, we enjoyed ourselves! I mean, how could we not? Baha Mar was beautiful and between Rosewood and SLS, the views were breathtaking! JR and I had a blast with friends and each other. Both Baha Mars offer just about anything you can think of. They have fine dining, libraries, golf, tennis, and even things for children. The list goes on. From the food to the party, it was perfect. We had a whole crew there! It’s so much fun to go on trips with a whole bunch of just plain awesome people.

Notice the SLS Baha Mar view I took! This is what I got to wake up to on a gorgeous morning! The trek here from Aspen took us two days of cancelled and delayed flights but it was definitely worth it! I have been SO impressed with the service, views, amenities, restaurants @katsuyabysbe (one of my favs) and the amazing group of people who came out to celebrate our dear friend’s birthday! What a fine group of friends he has which only shows what an awesome guy he is! Thank you for having us!

I had my toes in the sand, and Rosé in my hand… loving life. We celebrated one of our dear friend’s birthday! His wife is an angel! So impressed with the planning, amazing group of people and non-stop laughter! The bikini and wrap I found using All you have to do is tag @stylust on any Instagram pic, and they will find you the outfit, shoes, or bag! It’s genius! Sunglasses are by @blenderseyewear promo-code: CHECKOUTAMANDA20. Use it up! I’ve talked about Blenders Eyewear in the past. I got my ski eyewear from there. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I love to give my go-to places credit!

This year is kicking off to a great start! I’d love to here about yours thus far! Is there a resolution you’ve made and you’re sticking with pretty well? I wanted to travel and be present. I have many, but these are a few. I think I’ve been doing well in 30 days! It’s just one thing after another and that’s how we roll. Aspen is always full of community and surprises. Just the other day after the Bahamas, we went to the Winter X Games! Take a look at some of the highlights! Would you go and watch these live if they were in your neighborhood? That’s my style. Follow me on Instagram (@checkoutamanda) and Facebook to keep up with our latest!