Fun post! Me and my crew went on a fun bike ride to Woody Creek Tavern. Bike riding, hiking, running, walking, and just being active. These are all a part of Colorado, not just Aspen! You can’t help but be active when you live in the mountains. Bike riding is pretty “up there” in the athletic popularity department. Everywhere you go, you will see a bike rider and just know to share the road. It’s understood! I love that my friends and I made it more entertaining by riding to the Woody Creek Tavern, receiving our Rosé reward (because why not?). With its mix and match, rustic look, the Woody Creek Tavern has been around since 1980. Is it just me, or does that seem like twenty years ago, instead of almost 40? It’s not just rustic though. It’s hard to put your finger on the style of this place, but they support bikers, and their community. It is eccentric, strange, and wacky, but I love it’s local feel and individuality. 

The trail we rode in order to get to the tavern is called, Rio Grande Trail by the Roaring Fork River, although there are all different trails out there! Be careful because there are some trail rides that require you to pay, and there are some out there you do not have too. Are you a tourist, wanting to get a true local vibe? Ride this trail and stop in at Woody Creek Tavern! They have biking shirts, t-shirts, water bottle, and lots of other fun finds. 

Aspen has their very own, Tuesday Cruiseday. There is a steady group of bikers who ride every week, but you can join even if you’re just passing through. Whether it’s your first time, or hundredth time, anyone can come along for the ride. They meet at Aspen Tap. I cannot emphasize how big the biking community is here, in Colorado, let alone Aspen. I love shining light on my city, and this is just another one worth sharing. When you begin to get involved, you develop socially and become a community. Some of you may know this. But some of you need to hear it! I encourage you to become involved, be active, and lift your spirits!

What is your favorite trail to ride? Tell me about it! I love hearing anything my readers have to say. Have you ridden to the Woody Creek Tavern before?

Shining Stars and Wine Chips

I had a fabulous Day of Rosé, raising money to benefit the Shining Stars Foundation 🌟 

Laura Calabrese is truly talented event planner and connector, bringing awesome people together for such a wonderful cause! This foundation helps and supports children with cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses. I was extremely happy to attend this event. It was a lovely time with my girls, filled with wine and tequila tasting. We also had some good food from some of our top, local restaurants and chefs! Everything, from the food, to the drink, was displayed in a very refined way. The live auction held some very exquisite items, and all benefitting Shining Stars. I’m so proud of everyone who came and look forward to it again next year!

For those of you who may not be aware of what Shining Stars is, they provide children with opportunities of, “year-round care for children and their families through recreational programming at any stage in their cancer battle, including treatment, relapse, or remission.” They provide Child services, Family services, Young Adult services, and Awareness/Educational servicesーages 8-18. How gracious and amazing that there is something out there for kids to take their minds off of a bad situation and help them enjoy life. I was so happy to be a part! 

Another neat part to the event was that Wine Chips made an appearance as well! They were displayed so nicely! In case you haven’t heard about my new investment starting this spring, here is a link to a previous blog post, telling you everything you’re wanting to know. Wine Chips is a fun way to snack and be with wine. The business has paired specific chips with specific wine options. If you are brand new to the wine and dine way, I encourage you to look here. It is an awesome way to at least look like you know what you’re doing in front of your guests. Wine Chips has made the pairing for you! Engage in this so you won’t have to do major research! The one and only, Entourage, of course, made their appearance as well. If you’re going to call the event, Day of Rosé, You have to have this wine. Its Rosé is some of the best! 

Have any of you ever attended an event benefiting Shining Stars? What about Day of Rosé? What are your thoughts? I’m always interested in your comments/feedback!

Ironbridge Golf Club

Hello all my lovelies out there. I love keeping you updated on everything I’m doing and I promised I would let you know my feelings on any golf course we played on! The Ironbridge Golf Club and Mountain Community was a spot I played on this past week. I’m here to tell you all about it. 

This testy, trailblazer-like course does have blind shots, so bring extra balls, but I love a good challenge. Now, the back nine may be the most challenging, but also the most breathtaking. You’ll be able to see from the picture provided, just how beautiful it is. I’d say the beauty of the courses is something I love most about  most golf courses. This being close to my town of Aspen, I am partial. Check out this promo on their website. It was designed by Arthur Hills and refined by Tom Lehman. They cover 533 acres and is in Roaring Fork Valley. Besides the picture, can you just hear the mountains surrounding the course? Not just by my word, but by many, the golf course is kept very nice year round. The more you play here, the better you’ll be. It may be helpful to have a sort of map of the course for first timers here! 

It being a club, there is a grill! It is a casual setting with absolutely delicious food. It has a 4.8 rating. So close, you can taste the perfection. You can sit right on the golf course, outside, if you’d like. Being a tad realistic here, if you’re not planning on becoming a member, noworries! There are public rates set for you in 2019: 


$129 (before 3 p.m.)

$79 (after 3 p.m.)


$79 – (anytime)

I love their dress code (most courses will have one), but it just gives me a good reminding, to always be at your best and dress respectfully. 

If you’re even more interested in becoming a member: 

New members pay a one-time activation fee upon joining the Club.  Activation fees for non-resident Members are:

$3,500 with a 1-year commitment

$2,500 with a 2-year commitment

$1,500 with a 3-year commitment

Resident Member activation fee is $7,500.

For their monthly membership charge, here is more info. 

Hope this is easier than researching a whole lot on your own! I would like to know who golfs out there, reading my posts? Was this helpful to you if you were close by/ helpful at all? What kinds of information would you like to read, about the golf courses I play on?

Food and Wine

The Food and Wine Classic 2019 was one for the books. We had so much fun and fellowship. That’s what I love about food and wine (let’s be real though…wine)…it brings people together. It’s a universal necessity to eat. How much better can you get with friends, Rosé, and some of the best chefs around? If you’ve never heard of this weekend event before, be sure you  mark your calendars for next year. We love to go, and try to make it a point to go each year! Drink Entourage (Rosé) was present and consumed by many. 

Some of the talent in attendance:

There’s more where that came from! This event is full of them. Beginning @10am to 6:30pm on Friday, and the next two days, they have all kinds of sessions. The sessions consist of demonstrations, panel discussions, and wine tastings. Of course they are optional and there is plenty to do in between and on your free time there. Aspen always has the best events and parties held. I love going to the classic year after year. Some of the Food and Wine Classic’s sponsors will hold sessions as well. 

You absolutely don’t want to miss the grand tasting at the end of the day in the pavilion. It’s like a debrief for the day before your time in the evening. You can get the consumer pass and be able to make all of the grand tastings. The only thing the consumer pass won’t do is get you in the Restaurant Trade Program. You can also pre-register with this pass. Hopefully, this helps in your planning for next year. I’ll try to put out a blog about the fun events coming up as they closer for next year. Tickets start going on sale in December. 

Pass Options:

  • Lexus Owner Benefit (cheapest AND gives you many of the same offers as the other passes)
  • Consumer (in reference to what I wrote above)
  • Trade (access to private wine tastings and the restaurant trade program)
  • Grow for Good (includes donations and VIP access-let’s say everything here)
  • Platinum (includes pretty much everything except the donation)

We ate, we drank, we had fun! We have it extra good that we live in Aspen! 

What is your favorite wine? Favorite food or chef? Anxious to hear your thoughts!

The Game of Golf

One of favorite hobbies is golf. Anytime I am vacationing, I seriously try to golf. The Kohanaiki Beach golf course was lovely! Visiting my friend in La Quinta, California, we golfed at the La Quinta Country Club. Love my home state and it’s beautiful sunshine! From now on, I will try and blog about where I (we) golf when we are on vacation or out of town. I feel like I’ve been just about everywhere!

Why do I love it so much? It requires concentration and skill; it has a fantastic, sophisticated social aspect to it, and I love that you can be competitive and play for fun at the same time or at separate times. I just love that my friends play with me, my boyfriend plays with me, and you could play with anyone! Plus…I love that golf courses host different events that support particular causes. If someone wanted to raise money for awareness or for a cause/cure, golf is a great sport to help with that. ANOTHER great reason: networking. Businesses meet other businesses, employees meet (potential) clients, employers meet potential employees, etc. These days, it’s all about who you know. Those of you who’ve been around the “job block” a time or two understand what I mean. If you’re brand new to the world of careers, this is just a snippet of why you may not be getting a job. Get to know people! If you play this universal sport with others of importance, you never know where it could lead you.

So, here goes! I’ve been golfing at La Quinta Country Club with one of my close friends. The course is lovely and is surrounded by mature trees that tell of its richness and intensity. I have loved golfing here. I love that it was a part of the PGA tour and is known as one of the most beautiful courses. I also love that they hosted their annual Folds of Honor Charity Golf Tournament.

“In the month of March La Quinta Country Club hosts an annual charity event, Patriot Day at La Quinta Country Club, benefiting the Folds of Honor Foundation. This foundation provides financial opportunities to spouses and dependents of wounded/fallen service members to pursue higher education.”

When I golf in the future, I will be sure to post what my thoughts are about the course. I rarely play on courses I don’t like, but you’ll get 5 stars from me if there are drinks, food, and good people 🙂

What is your favorite golf course? I would love to know, so I can put it on my bucket list!

Four Seasons

Checking in from Hawaii over here! It’s crazy to think how long we’ve been staying here, but at the same time, it is flying by quickly. I wish it wasn’t almost time to come home. JR and I are having so much fun together. After the celebration of our friends’ wedding, we decided to stay and enjoy ourselves. Part of the reason we’ve enjoyed our stay so much was because of the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. I’m here to tell you that if a resort is what you’re searching for, search no more. This place is everything you need. If you’re like us and you love wonderful dining, beaches, and golf, do like we did and book your stay. They book up to a year in advance! And I only know that because I tried to look up this exact time for next year!

Dining: “Working with over 160 local farms, approximately 75% of the food served at the Resort is from the Island of Hawaii.”ㄧfun fact to get you through two of our favorite dining options below. They have a total of five places to eat/drink in this resort. You’ll have to click on this link to see them all!

  • Ulu Ocean Grill: set up right by the ocean. They have a sushi lounge menu, dinner menu, wine menu, and breakfast menu. Their signature, Black Pepper Prime NY Steak served with mashed potatoes and veggies is something we can attest to being amazing.
  • Beach Tree Bar and Lounge: Mostly I love going here for the views. They have some food there, but they are mostly foods that you can snack on. Their cocktails are perfect.

Accommodations: One of my favs-the greeting when you get off of the plane. There are staff waiting for you in uniform and of course, with a lei. The lei is the staple to the entrance in Hawaii anywhere. Do you think the Four Seasons would provide anything less than 5 stars? The black lava beaches and lighter sand, clear-watered beaches are plentiful.

Golf: The course is phenomenal. I stopped by the Mai Tai machine to fill ‘er up and finish the rest of the course. The golf carts had phone chargers, and nice compartments not thought about in other courses. It may be a Hawaii thing? It is breathtaking, with the contrast between black lava and green fairways. It is possible to obtain a free tour if you’re interested in scoping it out.

JR and I are here to tell you that the Four Seasons of Hualalai is the place to book for a vacation in Hawaii. It was nothing but pleasurable!

I would love to hear from my readers! Where have you stayed in Hawaii? I would love to know! Maybe you’ve been to the Four Seasons and would like to comment below?

Back to Yoga

We are in Waikiki, Hawaii to celebrate one of our good friend’s weddings. I know I’ve been travelling a lot and frankly ready to be cooking in my own home, but I’m not sad about all the sights, the drinks, and the memories being made. Would you? It took FOREVER to get here, but JR and I made it! It is completely worth it now. Waikiki Beach is so clear and warm. The drinks and food are wonderful and the sand is so so smooth. Hawaii is a paradise all by itself. We are still here, so I’ll be keeping you updated. Follow my Insta account to catch my stories (@checkoutamanda). There’s always something happening over here! I don’t miss much!

Even though I have found myself in this utopia, and life is going so well, I have to keep my head. Be careful with letting yourself get away from you! Mental health is so important. Everyone is dealing with something, even the happiest of Instagrammers. I want to make sure I don’t let go of that while I’m in a good place. I know from experience that it can easily slip away. It’s one of reasons I can commit to mindfulness while in a vacation of bliss. I am a yogi wherever I go, and it doesn’t embarrass me. Is anyone else a committed yogi as I am? I cannot express to you how important Yoga is for you physical body, your mental body, and your spiritual body. It always gets me centered and refreshed for whatever the plans are for the day. I know I’m in Hawaii, but Yoga is important wherever I go, and I made it a priority. If you don’t know where to go for Yoga, stop by Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga, Waikiki.

If you’re every anxious or nervous about starting Yoga, please don’t be. It’s one of the things so attractive about Yoga. It’s so accepting and forgiving. Any age, race, gender, or ethnicity can partake in this discovery of self. It may be intimidating if you’ve never done it, but push through those feelings and try it out. One of the main pieces of advice given to me before I ever started was that if you try it and it don’t like it, keep searching. There are so many different types, from Baptiste to Hatha. You WILL find your place there.

Whether you’re on vacation or in your hometown, google Yoga studios near you to regain mindfulness and self-love. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my stance on mental health/Yoga? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments!

Sugar Tacos

Coming to you from Beverly Hills this week! There’s a fantastic reason I’m in LA right now. My good good friend, Jayde Nicole is opening her Vegan Mexican restaurant, Sugar Taco, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned in to my social media outlets in order to see or read more about it. It opened as of May 25th! If you walk in, right away, you’re going to notice all of the vibrant colors and designs. Crystal and I hung out a bit and if you don’t follow her or Jayde, yes yes yes. Everything at Jayde’s restaurant is so in and so fun. You can follow her store @sugartacola on Instagram. Her store will also be opened online very soon!

While I’m in my second city home, I’m visiting all the old stops and beautifying my LA look. Life’s too short to take your looks for granted. I made a stop through Kreation Organic, Kafe, and Juicery. This place is such a refresher for your life! Whatever you’re looking for to help your body feel healthy, Kreation Organic, Kafe, and Juicery has it. Pressed juices makes you feel the need to return, too. They even have coffee that is naturally sweet. Everything is natural. They have snacks, salads, wraps, soups, and more. If you’re ever in LA, or just want to order online, stop by and try it out. If you’ve had a rough night, I also love their hangover kit. Highly. Recommend.

Whenever I’m in LA, I use Glamsquad to make my hair and makeup look flawless. Nicole Armijo did a phenomenal job. The best part about Glamsquad is that they come to you. All they need is a surface and outlet. They have an app too, that you can use to continue with the “convenience” theme. They do hair, makeup, and nails. It’s every girl’s dream. I can leave everything, grab my Rosé, and chill. Let’s take a vote. How many of you believe I drank some Rosé this week in LA? I know, it’s so hard to imagine. I guess the picture gave it away? Couldn’t help myself. The atmosphere was just too perfect. Especially on a rooftop, by a pool, on vacation.

Have you been anywhere in I’ve mentioned in this post? What are your thoughts? Do you plan on visiting Sugar Tacos? Be sure to leave good reviews behind 🙂

Hilton Head Island

South Carolina is difficult to leave. I know we all need to get back to reality, but can I just dwell in my dreams for a while longer? I love letting my worries fall to the wayside. That, and JR has truly treated me here. Since we just can’t get enough of it, I thought I’d share some more of what we were up to this past week!

One of our stops was the Silver Dew Winery. Originally known as the wick house (a place used to store wicks and oils), this historic building dates back to 1883. If you’ve never been, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick this building out as a winery without there being some sort of sign posted on it. It’s so old and delicate, that I was just personally amazed at how much it was and is used. The Silver Dew Winery even bottles and pours their own wine! I got really excited when I thought I glanced at some Rosé being chilled.

Slightly switching gears…Sea Pines Resort. There are/is, “natural beaches, championship golf, tennis, biking trails,” etc. We greatly recommend this place. It is quiet and peaceful, per my last blog post. JR and I had fantastic drinks and food at the Salty Dog Cafe, which is famous and a must if you’re ever in in that area. The Harbour Town Marina is another fantastic place to stop by and grab a drink. Pool Bar Jim’s is like a backyard bar great for hanging out. It has about 18 pages of drinks to offer you! Decisions, decisions! I ended up with up with the Dreamsicle. I cannot forget to mention Coco’s on the Beach. Those are just a few places to check out if you’re ever this part of South Carolina. And when I say, “if,” I really mean, “when!”

Though Aspen calls me home, I can’t help but enjoy these marshlike lands and natural beaches everywhere. Chanel feels the same. We’ve been walking the beach just about every day! The golfing is superb. Specifically, Golf Club at Indigo Run has me swooning. It was originally designed and built by Jack Nicklaus in 1955. And if you don’t know, he is a huge golf legend! JR and I golfed there more than once during our stay.

South Carolina, another place on my vacation list to come back and visit. It has been such a remarkable time! Have you visited Hilton Head Island specifically? Where are some places I’m missing out on?

Visit to Charleston

JR and I made a visit to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston isn’t a place I like. I very much adore it. I love the historic, upper class feel of the town. I always feel a sense of relief here. It’s quiet and resilient to much of the world. Somehow, through the years, it has reserved it’s nostalgia. If you’ve ever been, you know exactly what I mean. Just looking back a pictures, I felt like I was in a quiet version of the Upper East Side, XOXO. It reminds me of New Orleans, but in a more classy, polished, southern way. The art of southern hospitality is at its finest here, in Charleston.

There are cute places to eat and visit if you’re ever down here. Being the foodie that I am, let me do a review with you! One of my favs is the Market Pavilion Hotel. Their rooftop bar is so cute! We sat on their rooftop bar (with my Rosé) and enjoyed ourselves. The rooftop is not the only thing they offer. They also have Grill 225! It is a premier prime steakhouse that has won name-worthy awards. Making reservations is my recommendation due to its popularity. I was really impressed with the service, the wine, and the friendly faces everywhere we went. The view is beautiful because I felt like we could see all of Charleston. They’re open until midnight. I suggest going after dark because all of the lights of the city are exquisite.

There are a few things to do here, in the glorious Charleston Historic District! If you’re here, for the history, you’ll find something on every corner. There are lots of civil war sites, festivals, carriage rides, and cuisines with, “…blends of French, English, West African and traditional Southern American cultures into the music, art, food, and lifestyle.” Another significant thing to go see is the 400 year old Angel Oak Tree. We love to see it!

If you’re ever in Charleston, you have to at least walk by its beaches. They have some of the most gorgeous beaches to walk by. As cliche as it sounds, walks by the beach are one of my favorite things. It’s so humbling to hear the waves crashing and smell the ocean air. You’re able to be beach bums and enjoy the aristocratic, southern, city life at the same time.

Have any of you ever been to Charleston? What are some of your favorite things to do there?