Christmas 2018

It’s that time of year! That’s right, time to see Santa Claus. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time. In fact, it’s probably the best time now…right before he has to travel the world and deliver gifts to every boy and girl. We got one in! Our little family snuck a visit in right before Christmas. Chanel was so sweet with him and vice versa! What do you think she asked Santa for Christmas? Hint: adopt, don’t shop! Rescue the dogs! Check with your local animal shelter to see if you could either volunteer or adopt a pet. It’s so important that these dogs and cats feel loved. Not just during the animal season, but year round.

Our local animal shelter is the Aspen Animal Shelter. It is, “a privatized, for-profit, self-sustaining, no-kill shelter which is primarily supported by income created via The Aspen Boarding Kennel. The shelter provides sanctuary for the homeless dogs and cats of Aspen. This Christmas, think about adopting a pet, whether a cat or dog. There are so many out there looking for a home. Even if you aren’t ready to adopt, they are always looking for volunteers. It’s worth thinking about!

Our Aspen Animal Shelter has different programs as well. One of them is the dog walking program. We are recognized by the Humane Society as one of the top 100 animal shelters in the United States. There are volunteers that come by each day to walk and hike with dogs! Maybe you want to run, walk, or hike around your neighborhood. Maybe you need that companionship for your exercise, or maybe you just want to help the sweet puppies out and give them some exercise. This programs would suit you!

If you’re on vacation or forced to leave your pet at home and feel lonely, the Aspen Animal Shelter offers to let you rent-a-pet. Check with your local Animal Shelter to see if there are similar programs. In order to educate children and young adults on how to take care of a pet, the Aspen Animal Shelter offers a mentorship programs with Aspen Middle School, Aspen Community School, and Aspen County Day School.

I’m dying at all of these pictures of the dogs and cats available for adoption. They just melt my heart! If you don’t see pet that interests you, keep checking, because the website is updated all the time. I did a little research and found a list shelters in each state. Now, there are no excuses! You should at the very least check it out, for Chanel’s sake! The holidays are about giving, whether it’s your money or time.

From JR, Chanel, and me, we truly wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you around the world!