Christmas and Fun!

I am anxious to hear how everyone’s Christmas has been? Between the mountains of Aspen, the food, friends, and family, I am so full of happiness! For Christmas, my dad sent over all of my old cheerleading uniforms. It was the sweetest thing! I didn’t realize how many there were until I opened a box full of them, from junior high past college. Let the memory flood commence! I posted a video of all of my uniforms in the box sent over so you could get an idea of just how many there were and how many years I cheered! I was left reminiscing on all of the good. If I could make a wink-face emoji on this blog site, I would. Christmas morning, we had french toast and everyone opened gifts, including my sweet fur baby, Chanel. Who ever said dogs can’t open gifts? On Christmas day, we went skiing. I had such a sweet and genuine time with friends, Johnryan, and my Snow Bunnies! So so thankful for them!

We had our Christmas party with friends and hung out at Aspen 7908. I’ve talked about this place before, but it’s so good not to brag a little more on. I love how the owner prioritizes the importance of the restaurant’s employees and customers. He states that employees have the highest priority because in order to have an extraordinary experience, his employees should be very happy to work there. I completely agree! I would said it’s definitely one of my go-to places to eat and hang out with friends. If you’ve ever ventured on to my social media accounts, you may have seen a story or two with all of us there!

2018 has been a year of adventure and good changes. I hope to continue to do more travelling in this next year as well! Japan with my dear friend, Crystal Hefner, was a dream. It was probably one of the most eye-opening and learning experiences in terms of culture in my lifetime thus far.

Even my home state of Colorado has amazing places to visit and stay a while. If you’re unable to go out of the country, or even out of state, look around your city. Every state or city has something they’re known for. Have you conquered all of the sights and tourist spots? That may be something to look into with the new year!

Tell me how your Christmas was this year. Did you travel someplace different? Just hang out at home and relax? Did you try something new? Or relish in all of the tradition?