Eat Cleaner!

There are many things important to me in this life we are given. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that health is something I hold close. With only one life, you need to take care of your body. How many times have you heard that? But it’s true! Please don’t think I’m perfect. I have my days like we all do! I’m preaching to the choir here. However, I keep trying. It’s important to get your mind ready to be healthy if you’re in a deep pit of gluttony. There are some days I feel like that. Mental health is a whole other story. Physical health is 80% mental. Get your attitude (your head) right before entering a disaster. You have to have the mentality to stick with a diet, clean eating, detox, or eating healthy in general because of how easy it is to eat a pizza or a burger. Being healthy doesn’t just consist of exercise. There are some people out there who believe they can eat anything if they just run it off later. You can run all day long, but if you fill your body food of little nutritional value, you will have problems later. I know someone just like that. She pretty much ate all the time, but her food choices were McDonalds or Little Caesars. Now, she is in her fifties and having lots of health problems: heart, thyroid, cholesterol, etc. The doctors have her on medicine and a routine of checkup dates. It is from everything built up in her system overtime. She can’t run all that off now. I’m not saying you can’t have pizza every now and then, but not every other day. Put your body at the top of your priority list. You mean so much to a lot of people! I’ve compiled a very short list of myths in my “getting healthy” post for you today:

  1. You can’t eat anything you want anymore! Whether you’re in the losing weight business or just clean eating business, eating (or drinking) your favorite foods may just need to be in small quantities. Eat everything in moderation. Don’t be a glutton.
  2. Going vegetarian is automatically healthy: Not always. You would have to eat the right foods to gain your protein. There won’t be a lot of choices out there to fill you up! Be sure you do your research on this because it isn’t always the right answer for healthiness.
  3. Lifting weights will only bulk you up! Not true. Get a weight that isn’t hard for you carry and do lots of repetitions. In order to gain a lot of muscle, you would have to work really hard at pressing and at high strength levels.

I’m sure I’ll have more to share in being healthy for my blog in the future. I’m following someone right now who is starting April to eat clean. I can’t wait to see how she feels after the 30 days and if it really made a difference! Join me in eating healthy! What are your opinions about eating healthy?