Find Your Center

Yoga at it’s finest. I have many hobbies and a many places and things I love to do. Yoga would have to be the most calming thing and self-medicating activity I’ve ever done. Even if you aren’t a regular yoga person, you can’t tell me it isn’t calming. Did you know that yoga originated in India 5,000 years ago? It isn’t just about breathing deeply and fitness, it involves meditation. Religion, knowledge, and sacred texts. I’m not crazy, this stuff is genuine. Another aspect of Yoga I love besides what it stands for, is that I can be on a hike and do Yoga just as well as anyone on a mat in a room, especially by the running streams and lakes along the way.

Please don’t forget to take time for you! Mental Health is so important. It can be a real struggle to find yourself once you’re “underwater.” Just getting your head above it is so hard. You are not alone in that journey! Hang on to anything good to bring yourself up to breathe. Definitely a proven way to recenter yourself is to include Yoga, meditation, nature, breathing, exercising, and doing what you truly enjoy. That may be golfing, it may be reading, it may be running, it may be traveling, or it may even mean being around your friends or family. I have found that Yoga helps recenter my mind, my soul, and my being. If you can find your center–your passion–you can be that light for someone else. I totally got serious on here, but it’s essential in our lives right now to know this information and embrace others going through it!

I was walking Weller Lake Trail the other day and tested out my Yoga skills against the background scenery. It was so serene. Beautiful was an understatement. I was completely in my element amongst the nature surrounding me. Aspen is absolutely wonderful. I love it every day. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I left for LA. If you’re looking for trail ideas to hike, walk, run, or bike, make sure you follow me on Instagram: @checkoutamanda.

The Creperie Du Village: French Alpine Bistro was absolutely divine. Take a look at all of these popular avenues advertised this lovely restaurant. This spread shown was tagged to this restaurant on Instagram and looks of a little slice of heaven. Don’t underestimate the power of food. I eat pretty clean almost every day, so a spread like this may give me a reason to take a break one time. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Reminder girls: Be comfortable in yourself and confident in your skin!

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