Golfing the Aspen

Aspen Golf Club makes me smile, especially with friends and drinks! Who’s with me? It makes it all the more better. All silliness aside, I really love do love the game. It’s the whole thing: mountains, atmosphere, the air, the sound of hitting the golf ball in the right direction. Sometimes, you just know when that ball was hit right. I can tell right away if I didn’t hit it the right way. Golf can bring the best and worst out of person. I’d say, my best is what golfing does for me. Guys and gals, when you have your friends with you and people delivering drinks to you on the golf course, how can your day be so bad? Just the other day, we had cocktails delivered right to us while we played. I love my golf course.

There are so many areas to practice! They have facilities like: Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Greens, and Practice Bunkers. Right now, is their peak season. You can look it up on their website as well as their rates. It’s beautiful and worth it. Becoming a member would be worth it considering all of the amenities and benefits offered.

You know what else is pretty awesome, that Aspen Golf Club can claim? They have obtained the award of the Audobon Cooperative Sanctuary. It’s definitely something to be proud of. In case you have no clue, it would mean the course would have to be certified in the following areas: Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Integrated Pest Management, and Water Quality and Water Conservation. Being somewhat of a health nut, this makes my heart happy. I always love to hear about the cleanliness of society and the good of the world. I just went to the golf course today and had a blast with my friend Julianne. Of course, we may have had a drink of two. Do we still say YOLO these days?

On another note, the golf course opportunities to participate in the women’s league, men’s league, junior golf, and a golf academy. Here’s some more interesting info! The scenery=beautiful. Have I mentioned that already? I can see Aspen Mountain from where I golf. You know, the mountain I hike up all the time. Follow me @checkoutamanda on Instagram to keep up! It’s in the middle of the Rockies and Roaring Folk Valley. If you have no clue where that is, you seriously need to come see it yourself. I love how it challenges me every time I play the 18-hole course. If you’re in the area and want to join in the fun, join the Women’s League. There is an annual admission, but you develop a camaraderie with the other women there. They become more than just acquaintances. What are your goals as we begin to enter fall? It may still feel like summer, but get ready, because Autumn is fast approaching. Make one of your goals to join the Women’s League and be apart of the Aspen Golf Club. Be social and get out with us! Here is their calendar attached in case you’re interested. Can you tell I’m really into this niche? There’s really so much more than just what I’ve said on this post. Follow me for updates in the future!

If the pictures don’t do it justice enough, come and see it for yourself! You won’t regret playing on this golf course.

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