Hilton Head Island

South Carolina is difficult to leave. I know we all need to get back to reality, but can I just dwell in my dreams for a while longer? I love letting my worries fall to the wayside. That, and JR has truly treated me here. Since we just can’t get enough of it, I thought I’d share some more of what we were up to this past week!

One of our stops was the Silver Dew Winery. Originally known as the wick house (a place used to store wicks and oils), this historic building dates back to 1883. If you’ve never been, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick this building out as a winery without there being some sort of sign posted on it. It’s so old and delicate, that I was just personally amazed at how much it was and is used. The Silver Dew Winery even bottles and pours their own wine! I got really excited when I thought I glanced at some Rosé being chilled.

Slightly switching gears…Sea Pines Resort. There are/is, “natural beaches, championship golf, tennis, biking trails,” etc. We greatly recommend this place. It is quiet and peaceful, per my last blog post. JR and I had fantastic drinks and food at the Salty Dog Cafe, which is famous and a must if you’re ever in in that area. The Harbour Town Marina is another fantastic place to stop by and grab a drink. Pool Bar Jim’s is like a backyard bar great for hanging out. It has about 18 pages of drinks to offer you! Decisions, decisions! I ended up with up with the Dreamsicle. I cannot forget to mention Coco’s on the Beach. Those are just a few places to check out if you’re ever this part of South Carolina. And when I say, “if,” I really mean, “when!”

Though Aspen calls me home, I can’t help but enjoy these marshlike lands and natural beaches everywhere. Chanel feels the same. We’ve been walking the beach just about every day! The golfing is superb. Specifically, Golf Club at Indigo Run has me swooning. It was originally designed and built by Jack Nicklaus in 1955. And if you don’t know, he is a huge golf legend! JR and I golfed there more than once during our stay.

South Carolina, another place on my vacation list to come back and visit. It has been such a remarkable time! Have you visited Hilton Head Island specifically? Where are some places I’m missing out on?