I have been dying to let you in on all my adventures from Japan. This country has a part of my soul. I truly appreciate culture and love to learn. Tokyo made it easy for me to love and learn. The people there are so incredibly welcoming and colorful! New York City vs. Tokyo=Tokyo wins for the busiest and nicest of people all in one. Where do I even begin?

Crystal and I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. The 45th floor is where rooms and suites begin. Everything else is all about their amenities and restaurants. They have seven by the way (Azure 45, Towers, La Boutique, Hinokizaka, the Lobby Lounge, the Bar, and the Ritz-Carlton Cafe and Deli)! Of course we did the spa. The views just about anywhere are absolutely breathtaking. Whether you’re visiting the spa or dining, it is speechless day or night. Just look at the colorful city. I could stare for hours. Check out my Instagram to stay up to date on where I’ve been. I promise it won’t be boring. The Ritz-Carlton actually offers tours from their hotel. Some of them include the Sumo tour, the Whiskey tour, the Shrines and Gardens tour, and many others.

We used Yampu Tours to help us along the way. I can’t say enough about them. They were very accommodating. I will be using them again. Yampu Tours even met us when we landed. They went out of their way to make sure our stay was worth it.

TOKYO DISNEYLAND. It was magical. It was beautiful. It was surreal. It’s intriguing to me to see and compare the two theme parks (Tokyo and US). How many people in their lifetime will get to do this? There are a few differences. While Disneyland in Anaheim has California Adventure Park, Tokyo Disneyland offers Tokyo DisneySea. It is a bit smaller than the 500 acre park in the states, but has more of a theme park feel because the Disneyland in California is in the middle of a city while Tokyo Disneyland is perfectly tucked away. Everything is pretty much the same except songs are sung in Japanese. For a second, you can forget you’re even in Tokyo! I can’t forget to tell you about the food. There is a place dedicated to Mickey’s waffle. Everywhere I went in Disneyland, it did not disappoint. I’m so glad we stopped there.

Please look at this picture and tell me how adorable this is? One of the things I loved was being cultured. Immersed in a different world almost, I held on to places like this. So different than what I was used to, yet so unique and intricate in all it had to offer. From the food to the people, to the fashion, I could really go on and on. A place dear to my heart was Sukiyabashi Jiro. If you’ve never seen the documentary, Jiro Ono Dreams of Sushi, you must, and then eat at his restaurant. It gave me a new perspective, and I’ll never forget this experience.

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