For our final night in Japan, we went to a Kimono rental shop. Yumeyakata is a great rental place! They have a hair salon attached to it as well! Sweet Japanese ladies dressed us in traditional Kimonos, with matching purses, sandals, and gave us stylish hair to complete the look. If you’re ever looking for kimono rental places in Kyoto, here are some options. They also let you rent yukatas if needed. We were actually surprised with all that was offered and made many memories.I’m so very appreciative of the Japanese people who made our stay worthwhile this summer.

I learned so much etiquette while I was there. Some of it was common sense, but some was brand new information. Sort of like wearing a pencil-like dress/skirt, your strides should be shorter when wearing the Kimono. It follows you when you walk in order to keep its smooth form. When you sit, you must sit closer to the edge of the seat so that damage does not happen to the belt. Something I really had no idea about, was that it is bad manners to show your bare arms. You are only allowed to show what is already being shown. To prevent your bare arm from being exposed, use your other hand to pinch the sides of the sleeve of the arm you are trying to raise. Who would have thought? It is also encouraged to be very positive when wearing the Kimono. This was of course no problem for us. We were having so much fun all dolled up. The colors! As we walked the streets of Higashiyama, there was so much happiness.

We spent the day cruising the streets of Higashiyama, ate wonderful sushi, and had a Sake tasting at our hotel (Four Seasons-Kyoto). We sang karaoke (private karaoke rooms are surprisingly fun!), and attended a traditional tea ceremony the next morning. Pictured, you’ll see us standing in front of the Hokanji Temple in our Kimonos. If you’ve been interested in visiting Kyoto, or maybe your interest has just sparked, I encourage you to stay at Four Seasons-Kyoto! I’ve never had a negative experience with Four Seasons, anywhere I’ve been.

I would love to hear from you all! Where are all of the places you’ve travelled to you Japan or even Kyoto? It’s pretty certain that I will return to Japan, so I would love to know different places to visit!