Beverly Hills is my home away from home. I’m visiting my sister, Hanna, this week in LA, helping her move! I’m excited for her. So, while I’m here, why not indulge in a little of the amenities offered? Beverly Hills Hotel is a place I need to brag on. As a 5-star hotel, I expect it to be just about perfect. It has that old, vintage feel. At the same time, it’s modernized. The iconic red carpet and lettering on Sunset Boulevard makes me feel special and worth their time. Everybody becomes a somebody here. Excellent service all around. Let me share some fun stuff!

Our room was very spacious and gave off a high-class, yet homey feel. If you want a fireplace or balcony, I’ve learned that you have to request that ahead of time. The rooms feel like they’ve held a place to stay for so many stars. When I started researching the Beverly Hills Hotel, I learned that Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra both stayed there. The rooms were inspired by big celebrities such as these. I remember actually thinking the flowers in the room were fake. However, your room will be filled with fresh flowers. The huge living room area portrays their French windows and tree-lined patios. Just walking into the bathroom will give you a fancy glimpse into the past.

The outdoor and indoor terrace is the definition of their Bar Nineteen12. Networking here is a place for class and cocktails. The Polo Lounge in LA is the celeb choice of dining, and it is mine as well. Let me also squeeze in Soul Cycle! Click on the link to see what that beloved place is all about. The view of Beverly Hills Wilshire (Rodeo Drive) settles an anxious soul. The Concierge Lounge is a place to make dinner reservations, personal recommendations, and make use of their wonderful customer service.

The Spa. With a number of rooms to use, you and your partner can enjoy a couple’s massage or just some “me” time. It is so relaxing and breathtaking to relax and be with your best friend at the same time. In my case, Hanna was with me. Sometimes, it’s better to here from several other people. Alan gives his review along with others below. I linked other reviews to his name for you!

“A great spa in the classic Beverly Hills Hotel. Whenever I am visiting my mom I enjoy coming to The Beverly Hills Hotel and Spa. Is the spa expansive, yes. Is worth it, yes. What I like the most about The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa is the customer service.

From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave the customer service is great. I’m not a big fan of large spas. The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa is a perfect size. If you are a person who is looking for a great place to relive some stress. Then The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa for you.”-Alan B.

Free information: Vallet is around $48 a night pre-tipping. Your money pockets need to be prepared for that up ahead. Worth it? Completely!

You guys, there’s so much more to share with you about my trip. I’m only getting started. There may be an LA part 2 soon. I’ll let you in on another future adventure I’m taking…Japan with my bestie Crystal Hefner. Stay in touch with my blog to stay up-to-date!

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