Long Beach, CA

Let’s talk about Long Beach for a minute. John Ryan and I recently got back from there and enjoyed a mini vacation at the Seal Beach Yacht Club in California. California is a beautiful state with its beaches and ski mountains. One of those beaches is Long Beach and if you ever visit there, don’t forget about the Seal Beach Yacht Club. Living in California, you’ll notice a large array of different cultures that reside there. Expand your minds and be open to change and new things. You could learn how to surf or visit Yosemite National Park. There are other breathtaking parks there to hike around if you’re interested. There are iconic highways and legendary dining on your drive. Stop in San Diego or San Francisco. Check out Ghirardelli Square and Alcatraz Island or wine country in San Ynez Valley. Really, the tourist spots are endless.

This time around, and until next time, we tried out the Seal Beach Yacht Club. It did not disappoint. It’s easy to become a member or just be a visitor. They hold parties and dances throughout the year. If you live close, it’s worth it. Being apart of your community is worth it. We totally relished in its beauty and the club’s amenities. They have cruises and races. Watching a Yacht race in real time should be on your bucket list if it isn’t already. If becoming a yachtsman is something you’re interested in, get ready for a ride. I’ve heard they are very welcoming in that department and competitive at the same time. The camaraderie is always what interests me. I am a socialite and love to be involved. They are currently accepting new members, but have a cap of 500. Don’t think you have to own a boat in order to be a member. However, if you plan on racing, you will need your own. By the way, if you have a boat to race, this club has your name written all over it. They race at different times throughout the year, even on the coldest of days. Don’t forget, this is Southern California. It’ll be nice out. If this is interesting to you, I encourage it and would love to hear if any of you will be joining or trying it out for fun!

While in Long Beach, visit Naples Island. They have boat parades this time of year and Christmas lighting. It is rather peaceful and less touristy than you’d think! Belmont Shore is another fun and exciting place to be especially at night. I haven’t spoken with anyone who came back from visiting there and wasn’t impressed.

I love vacations, especially when they’re with my guy. As we travel and learn, I’d love to share my experiences with you and hopefully give you some insight on where to travel to as well as some of my reviews. As I share, send me your feedback too! I may have missed a spot or want to know a “hole-in-the-wall” type of place. I love quiet, and I love loud. There isn’t anything I won’t try.