Rosé Day

It is no secret that I love a good cup of Rosé, so when I was given the chance to attend Rosé Day in Los Angeles I was more than thrilled. This annual event kicks off summer with the help of Rosé and champagne. I picked out the cutest outfit and made my way to this stunning event. Located in Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu it gave everyone who attended the perfect photo op opportunities. Malibu is easily one of my top favorite places to visit whenever I get the chance to make it down to Los Angeles.

The moment I entered the event I was in awe with the setup. The amount of roses and bottles of Rosé were astounding. Everyone was looking their best in some of the cutest summer outfits. It was very obvious that their planner did their best to impress every single guest that attended. The different shades of pink were one of the best features… after all, who doesn’t enjoy wearing pink during the summer?

Aside from having several glasses of Rosé to our disposal, we were surrounded by great tunes from talented headliners. Caroline D’Amore, Zen Freeman and Devin Lucien gave attendees a spin of their talent. Other LA artists were also given the opportunity to show off their tunes. They filled the evening with nothing but good vibes.

We were also treated with delicious gourmet food trucks all picked by Iron Chef Marc Forgione. The food was to die for, and so were the dishes delivered by Chef Marc. All of the dishes complemented the headliners Moet & Chandon. We were also given B.B. Rose, who also hosts Leonardo DiCaprio annual Foundation Gala.

Although it may sounds like it couldn’t get better? It did – the non-profit The Art of Elysium was able to serve as charity for the event. They were able to contribute moments including the charity’s stance on art, fashion and music. The team was able to give all the attendees a great night filled with art, food, wine and a great atmosphere. This LA summer tradition is here to stay.

One of the best parts of this weekend trip was being able to see some of my closest friends. It was great being able to reunite with some of my favorite girls. What more could I ask for? I was surrounded by two of the greatest things: friends and Rose! We spent the evening sipping on fine Rose, jamming out to good tunes and taking pictures with beautiful Malibu as a backdrop.

I can’t wait for next years Rose Day in LA… you know i’ll be there!

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