Shining Stars and Wine Chips

I had a fabulous Day of Rosé, raising money to benefit the Shining Stars Foundation 🌟 

Laura Calabrese is truly talented event planner and connector, bringing awesome people together for such a wonderful cause! This foundation helps and supports children with cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses. I was extremely happy to attend this event. It was a lovely time with my girls, filled with wine and tequila tasting. We also had some good food from some of our top, local restaurants and chefs! Everything, from the food, to the drink, was displayed in a very refined way. The live auction held some very exquisite items, and all benefitting Shining Stars. I’m so proud of everyone who came and look forward to it again next year!

For those of you who may not be aware of what Shining Stars is, they provide children with opportunities of, “year-round care for children and their families through recreational programming at any stage in their cancer battle, including treatment, relapse, or remission.” They provide Child services, Family services, Young Adult services, and Awareness/Educational servicesーages 8-18. How gracious and amazing that there is something out there for kids to take their minds off of a bad situation and help them enjoy life. I was so happy to be a part! 

Another neat part to the event was that Wine Chips made an appearance as well! They were displayed so nicely! In case you haven’t heard about my new investment starting this spring, here is a link to a previous blog post, telling you everything you’re wanting to know. Wine Chips is a fun way to snack and be with wine. The business has paired specific chips with specific wine options. If you are brand new to the wine and dine way, I encourage you to look here. It is an awesome way to at least look like you know what you’re doing in front of your guests. Wine Chips has made the pairing for you! Engage in this so you won’t have to do major research! The one and only, Entourage, of course, made their appearance as well. If you’re going to call the event, Day of Rosé, You have to have this wine. Its Rosé is some of the best! 

Have any of you ever attended an event benefiting Shining Stars? What about Day of Rosé? What are your thoughts? I’m always interested in your comments/feedback!