Smiling Goat Ranch

Did you get a chance to check out the Hey Bale Ball last week? It was a perfect Aspen afternoon, mingling with friends and I got to pet some sweet horses and ponies at Smiling Goat Ranch! I absolutely love what they stand for and who they serve. The healing environment is something I want to be a part of. They provide a space and social animals for people with autism, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, and veterans with PTSD. Guys and gals, Smiling Goat Ranch is a little piece of the puzzle in our country. There is no denying that autism and PTSD are two things that we need to pay better attention to. I loved being at the ranch to see and feel what others see and feel. It brings my heart joy to see such happiness brought to the people who need this place. The testimonies about Smiling Goat Ranch speak volumes about the healing experiences people are able to have there:

“This Ranch is a place where I have seen my child’s courage, competence and communication skills blossom. Visits here give me the  opportunity to see my child through the eyes of a team who believe in him and value him. And a bonus surprise for me – I have have been able to examine my own feelings as a special needs parent and feel healing, hope and optimism for myself!” -Anonymous Parent

Alprazolam Online Australia At the Hay Bale Ball, we ate and drank in support of this wonderful place. It was a good time with people who have many things in common, big hearts. If I’m able, I will give my time and  money to support things I believe in. This place, I truly believe in.

Mawa McQueen’s Crepe Shack was there and boy was it exceptional. Mawa McQueen is is a crepe guru! When you come to Aspen, this just has to be a stop you make it to. It’s been mentioned by many magazines and articles. Dallas News, Travelling Mom, Serendipity, Meetings & Events, and more, just to name a few. Her unique restaurant has excellent breakfast and provides a cool and cheerful room to work or have meetings. So, if you need a shakeup from Starbucks and want to support local restaurants, come over and try it! When I realized the deliciousness was at the Hay Bale Ball, I couldn’t have been more excited.

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Order Xanax Overnight Shipping Are there similar venues or places that provide something for people with PTSD, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, autism, etc. near you? I would love to hear about it and someday come show my support! What are you thoughts? Leave them in the comments! Ordering Xanax Online Legal