Stagecoach Festival

Two of my favs made Stagecoach 2019 worth it! My sweets, Julianne and Kristy, came along for the country ride this year. Kane Brown and Old Dominion crushed it! Festivals and getaways like this makes me miss my home state sometimes. The whole lineup was fantastic. I love to people watch and see how others interact during this festival. You have to the old ones, who never get out, the college kids, the drunks, the parents, and people who are purely there or the music. We had an insanely good time together.

Something new and hip this year is the Stagecoach mobile app. You can use this app to purchase food and pickup, skipping the lines. How handy! Because do you know how many lines there are at Stagecoach? You can order from Trejo’s Tacos, Hanjip, Ms Chi Sweetfin, and Cheezus. Once it’s ready, you can receive a notification. It not only orders food for you, but merchandise. Just be on the lookout for any Postmates Pick-up area to get your order. You do need to input $10 to use as credit at the festival, but it’s worth it, trust me. Line waiting is half the battle.

A vintage fashion I loved at the festival was Nikki Lane’s Stage Stop Marketplace. Her vendors included:

Baby Blues Barbeque: Memphis-Style Barbeque is the bomb and must be talked about. When you click on the link, you’ll see a video that explains it all. This was one of my favs. Barbeque in general is all around, but just try these guys out! It started with two guys moving their southern roots into California and lighting up everyone’s taste buds around them. Then you’ve got Guy Fieri’s food. Yum. If you’re not sure who this guy is, you’ll be sure to recognize him once you Google him. Plus, how neat is it that these people hang out?

“Guy will be hanging with Bret Michaels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Old Dominion in his Smokehouse backyard over the weekend. Stay tuned for specific times they’ll be grilling & chilling so you can plan to come say howdy while you grab a bite!”

Looking forward to the next year when me and the girls can sit back and enjoy another weekend of solid, good music!