Sugar Tacos

Coming to you from Beverly Hills this week! There’s a fantastic reason I’m in LA right now. My good good friend, Jayde Nicole is opening her Vegan Mexican restaurant, Sugar Taco, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned in to my social media outlets in order to see or read more about it. It opened as of May 25th! If you walk in, right away, you’re going to notice all of the vibrant colors and designs. Crystal and I hung out a bit and if you don’t follow her or Jayde, yes yes yes. Everything at Jayde’s restaurant is so in and so fun. You can follow her store @sugartacola on Instagram. Her store will also be opened online very soon!

While I’m in my second city home, I’m visiting all the old stops and beautifying my LA look. Life’s too short to take your looks for granted. I made a stop through Kreation Organic, Kafe, and Juicery. This place is such a refresher for your life! Whatever you’re looking for to help your body feel healthy, Kreation Organic, Kafe, and Juicery has it. Pressed juices makes you feel the need to return, too. They even have coffee that is naturally sweet. Everything is natural. They have snacks, salads, wraps, soups, and more. If you’re ever in LA, or just want to order online, stop by and try it out. If you’ve had a rough night, I also love their hangover kit. Highly. Recommend.

Whenever I’m in LA, I use Glamsquad to make my hair and makeup look flawless. Nicole Armijo did a phenomenal job. The best part about Glamsquad is that they come to you. All they need is a surface and outlet. They have an app too, that you can use to continue with the “convenience” theme. They do hair, makeup, and nails. It’s every girl’s dream. I can leave everything, grab my Rosé, and chill. Let’s take a vote. How many of you believe I drank some Rosé this week in LA? I know, it’s so hard to imagine. I guess the picture gave it away? Couldn’t help myself. The atmosphere was just too perfect. Especially on a rooftop, by a pool, on vacation.

Have you been anywhere in I’ve mentioned in this post? What are your thoughts? Do you plan on visiting Sugar Tacos? Be sure to leave good reviews behind 🙂