Supporting Autism Awareness

I love having fun times with friends while able to support awareness groups at the same time! That’s what Sunday night was for me. It was a time to reflect and be informed about children and adults on the Autism spectrum. Sometimes I don’t think we stop to understand what these spectacular humans go through day by day. Raising awareness in order to support those who need it is an important way to contribute. I drew so much inspiration from Julie Manning, who (as I said on my post) poured her heart, soul, and every fiber in her body to help people with autism. I cannot thank Ascendigo enough for everything they do in order to help and be active in a society such as today. It’s during times like these that we need that light to shine for the world and Ascendigo has. You can give here and become an active contributor as well!

Allow me to share a little about all Ascendigo does. Ascendigo Autism Services is a nonprofit organization based in Aspen, Colorado. Gosh, just another reason I love my city! They offer a summer camp and other services in order to support those with Autism in the world today. They have quite a few programs they offer as ways to engage with the community. Their three core programs include: Adventures, Life Enrichment, and Outreach. Their outreaches aren’t events done in just the winter or summer. They can occur during every season. Ascendigo has these adventures beginning in September that include biking, swimming, hiking, lake sports, pumpkin patch, hay rides, and much more! I just think it’s so neat, how much this organization does for these amazing humans. Check them out on Facebook too!

A review written by a family member of someone with autism:

I am so excited to announce that last year we sent my nephew Michael to this most amazing camp for people with autism last year called “Ascendigo” in Colorado, for his continuous accomplishments on holding a 4.0 GPA and winning the Special Olympics in his hometown, “now 3 years in a row”! They called us and asked that he come back as a volunteer to teach others and be apart of their program. He made such an impression!! If all goes well this year, he is invited back next year as an employee at this spectacular camp! I am so proud of him and I hope he realizes what a true gem he is to his family and everyone around him! Yay Michael!!!!