Fun post! Me and my crew went on a fun bike ride to Woody Creek Tavern. Bike riding, hiking, running, walking, and just being active. These are all a part of Colorado, not just Aspen! You can’t help but be active when you live in the mountains. Bike riding is pretty “up there” in the athletic popularity department. Everywhere you go, you will see a bike rider and just know to share the road. It’s understood! I love that my friends and I made it more entertaining by riding to the Woody Creek Tavern, receiving our Rosé reward (because why not?). With its mix and match, rustic look, the Woody Creek Tavern has been around since 1980. Is it just me, or does that seem like twenty years ago, instead of almost 40? It’s not just rustic though. It’s hard to put your finger on the style of this place, but they support bikers, and their community. It is eccentric, strange, and wacky, but I love it’s local feel and individuality. 

The trail we rode in order to get to the tavern is called, Rio Grande Trail by the Roaring Fork River, although there are all different trails out there! Be careful because there are some trail rides that require you to pay, and there are some out there you do not have too. Are you a tourist, wanting to get a true local vibe? Ride this trail and stop in at Woody Creek Tavern! They have biking shirts, t-shirts, water bottle, and lots of other fun finds. 

Aspen has their very own, Tuesday Cruiseday. There is a steady group of bikers who ride every week, but you can join even if you’re just passing through. Whether it’s your first time, or hundredth time, anyone can come along for the ride. They meet at Aspen Tap. I cannot emphasize how big the biking community is here, in Colorado, let alone Aspen. I love shining light on my city, and this is just another one worth sharing. When you begin to get involved, you develop socially and become a community. Some of you may know this. But some of you need to hear it! I encourage you to become involved, be active, and lift your spirits!

What is your favorite trail to ride? Tell me about it! I love hearing anything my readers have to say. Have you ridden to the Woody Creek Tavern before?