Valentine Week Update

It’s Valentine’s week and it’s my favorite. I’m always game for an excuse to celebrate, but Valentine’s Day is super important to me. It’s JR and I’s anniversary! I can’t speak enough life about JR and what he means to me. He is my rock, my person. He makes Aspen 10 times better. In everything I’m involved in, he shows his total support. He has definitely spoiled me on this Valentine’s Day. JR surprised me and took me to a couple’s massage at the Regen Aspen. It was amazing. I love surprises! I felt double spoiled with my new jewelry. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, go do it now to be in the know. While you’re there, you might also see I spent some time with my gals for what we call, “Galentine’s.” It was Domino night the night before Valentine’s. It was wine, dine, and Dominoes!

I talked a lot of the Bumble Powder 8 AND Lift 1 last week. I feel as if I owe it to my dedicated readers to update you. I thought Julianne and I did great. While we didn’t win the actual competition, we won best dressed! It was a fun weekend competing with my best friend Julianne Murphy! Thank you Charlie Givens for producing such an awesome event, Regen Aspen for getting me healthy enough to compete, Racy Suits for our ski ensembles, Delyx Ltd. for our beanies, Freeskier Magazine for awarding Team Haute Sauce as best dressed, and our fabulous practice partners Candice Gorsuch, Kelli, JR, and Chris Souki! Unforgettable weekend for sure in the books!

Not only did this happen, but I am still promoting Lift 1. I have several articles and opinions written about this on my Facebook account, but just in case you didn’t see them, I have them linked throughout this post as well. Don’t hesitate to click on them to learn more about how Lift 1 is affecting Aspen in a positive way. I want to thank all my friends who have shown their support. I’ll update you more on this next month, as the voting date is scheduled for March 5. This is what I posted, from Vanessa Corona, on my page about The Lift 1 Corridor:

Scenario A (for Aspen), we vote “yes” and get:

• A new lift that we can walk to

• Two new lodges where lodging belongs at the base of Aspen Mountain

• World Cup racing (for kids who grow up here, this is a big deal)

• Great additions to our otherwise weak apres scene

• Parks, open space, a corridor up the mountain

• A ski history museum

Scenario D (for “dumb”), we vote no and get:

• Lift One Lodge (it’s already approved), but the lift can never come down

• An empty monster mansion where Gorsuch Haus is planned (that’s allowed under so-called conservation zoning)

• No new lift (remember how much it sucked when Lift 1A broke down for three weeks in 2016?)

• No future World Cup racing

If you vote “no,” what kind of the legacy are you leaving for younger generations? Are you really against keeping Aspen a world-class and World Cup ski resort?

One last thought, Lindsey Vonn retired Sunday after an amazing career; she’s from Vail, where the World Cup happens every year. If Aspen votes “no,” can we really keep bashing Vail? Vail will continue to be connected to Europe and the rest of the World Cup circuit.

Meanwhile, Aspen will be remembered as a place where great ski racing used to happen.

Vote “yes” and please don’t isolate Aspen from the world by making our town a subpar ski arena where only NASTAR races happen.

What are your thoughts on Lift 1? What are you doing this week with your person? Maybe your person(s) is your best friend instead of a significant other! What adventures did you find yourself in? Leave me your comments!

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