Visit to Charleston

JR and I made a visit to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston isn’t a place I like. I very much adore it. I love the historic, upper class feel of the town. I always feel a sense of relief here. It’s quiet and resilient to much of the world. Somehow, through the years, it has reserved it’s nostalgia. If you’ve ever been, you know exactly what I mean. Just looking back a pictures, I felt like I was in a quiet version of the Upper East Side, XOXO. It reminds me of New Orleans, but in a more classy, polished, southern way. The art of southern hospitality is at its finest here, in Charleston.

There are cute places to eat and visit if you’re ever down here. Being the foodie that I am, let me do a review with you! One of my favs is the Market Pavilion Hotel. Their rooftop bar is so cute! We sat on their rooftop bar (with my Rosé) and enjoyed ourselves. The rooftop is not the only thing they offer. They also have Grill 225! It is a premier prime steakhouse that has won name-worthy awards. Making reservations is my recommendation due to its popularity. I was really impressed with the service, the wine, and the friendly faces everywhere we went. The view is beautiful because I felt like we could see all of Charleston. They’re open until midnight. I suggest going after dark because all of the lights of the city are exquisite.

There are a few things to do here, in the glorious Charleston Historic District! If you’re here, for the history, you’ll find something on every corner. There are lots of civil war sites, festivals, carriage rides, and cuisines with, “…blends of French, English, West African and traditional Southern American cultures into the music, art, food, and lifestyle.” Another significant thing to go see is the 400 year old Angel Oak Tree. We love to see it!

If you’re ever in Charleston, you have to at least walk by its beaches. They have some of the most gorgeous beaches to walk by. As cliche as it sounds, walks by the beach are one of my favorite things. It’s so humbling to hear the waves crashing and smell the ocean air. You’re able to be beach bums and enjoy the aristocratic, southern, city life at the same time.

Have any of you ever been to Charleston? What are some of your favorite things to do there?