Ways to Prepare for Winter Ski Season

Winter has hit, and it’s that time in Aspen when we start preparing for the next 6 months. How many of you have been awaiting this season like I have? I would love to help prepare those of you who may not have much experience, or maybe, you’re ready to be organized and on top of it this year. Here is my list of how to be prepared:

1. Get your season pass early

It’s important to stay on top of this, especially if you’re on a budget. There are many side jobs out there to help you in the process if things seem tight. You really want to scope out when the season pass you prefer goes on sale. If you’re constantly checking, you’ll come across one because many season passes have early birds. 

2. Ski Ensemble

So many things. Let’s begin with one of my favorites, 

  • Gorsuch. They have men’s and women’s apparel, and they speak strongly to the ski community. In Aspen, Gorsuch has three different areas to shop in! Also, have a peek at their home and gift area. Gorsuch offers some timeless pieces. Christmas is only two months away! 

I can’t miss telling you about Goldbergh and Bogner. These are two other places I love to shop. Enough good cannot be said about them. 

  • Goldbergh is more of a luxurious ski line. Its website is super easy to navigate. Skiing is one passion of mine, and having a functional yet fashionable ensemble is something I’m grateful for. 
  • Bogner is another sports fashion place to shop, selling men’s and women’s apparel. When I think of words to describe Bogner, I think naturally bold, classy, and must-have

3. Get your legs in shape

You will use a lot of different muscles in skiing, but especially your legs! A fantastic way to prepare is with Pilates. I have blogged on this before. A place I regularly attend is Ritual. Read my previous blog to really see what they’re all about. The Megaformer class is what I suggest taking there. I listed a lot of benefits from Pilates. While they are all equally important, here are some that really help you physically prepare for skiing:

  • Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body)
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs

4. Have yourself a facial

Regen Aspen is no surprise to bring up here. I come here for almost anything. I have mentioned before that their IV vitamin therapies are highly recommended by me. The most common skin issue in skiing is sunburn. Dryness, windburns, and dullness are other issues that can occur. While there are creams out there to use in order to treat it, try this approach: PRP Facial

Uses a micro needling technique and the patient’s own blood to activate the stem cells that lie dormant in the face. 

What are some of your winter tips to prepare for ski season? Message me on Instagram! @CheckOutAmanda